I fell in love with film as a projectionist at Princeton University and then studying cinema at NYU in the late ’90s. I got my start writing film and theatre reviews for Time Out and reading scripts for New York film companies. In 1999, as the war in Kosovo was ending, I boarded a plane to Macedonia and hitched a military ride to Pristina. 3 years later my co-director, Chai Vasarhelyi, and I finished “A Normal Life”, a feature documentary that won the Tribeca Festival at its premier outing. 

I’ve traveled all over the world making documentary films and TV programs in the intervening decade; directing, producing, editing and shooting. Last year, I directed ‘Land Rush’ for the BBC Why Poverty? series, about land grabbing in Africa. It won a Peabody Award and was nominated for a Grierson. Other credits include PBS Wide Angle, MTV True Life and Vh1 Rock Docs. 

I’m drawn to intriguing characters and compromising situations, to stories that don’t reinforce our assumptions but that challenge us to see the world anew.
Director coproducer
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